Misplaced Blame

I just watched Trevor Noah rip North Carolina for its bathroom law that will supposedly cost the state two billion dollars in lost revenue or funding. He is definitely not wrong to berate and mock the Tar Heel State, but that mockery is a failure to recognize the root of the problem.

The state as an entity is not infringing on people’s rights. People are. Not only are they infringing on people’s rights, they are sacrificing the future and the good of those people for their own personal gain.

When a lawmaker makes a law that infringes on people’s rights, they do it because they have a political motive. In the case of most of America, the best interest of normal people is obscured by the best interest of the people making the laws, and given that most people (in the world, not just America) are stupid, ignorant, naive, or two or all of those things, they jump up and support those lawmakers based solely on said lawmakers’ party affiliation, because they, “gotta get that W.” Winning arguments is more important than progress.

Lawmakers (assholes) make annoying, harmful laws so they can get elected. Annoying, harmful laws get assholes elected because they attract suckers. When the suckers elect the assholes based on the annoying, harmful laws, the assholes are free to make hideous, evil laws… laws that destroy the world. Those are for the donors (villains). Villains make sure the assholes are fed, so the assholes reciprocate by selling out the suckers.

Allow me to simplify. Rich guys pay lawmakers to destroy the world and make them money. The lawmakers need the suckers to vote for them so they can remain in position to sell the world for some of that rich guy money. To get the suckers on board, the lawmakers need to cull enthusiasm, which they do by scaring the suckers with DISTRACTIONS.

The state of North Carolina isn’t sacrificing two billion dollars to lock down bathrooms. The assholes (lawmakers) are scaring the suckers into thinking they need to ban people from things and robbing the suckers of two billion dollars so they can be the ones who collect the money from the villains to do the really destructive stuff.

It’s not about what’s best for the state. It’s about what’s best for the guy with the pen.

When we see laws like this, the reaction should not be to talk about transgender people and bathrooms, and the way mean suckers feel when other suckers live their lives. We should be talking about the competency and the motives of the people in charge.

Two billion dollars out. A hundred thousand votes in. One asshole stays in power. That asshole allows a villain to make a hundred million dollars. The villain gives the asshole one million.

Take a fuckton from the people so a rich guy can get a shitload and then pass a chunk off to me? Yeah, I could be a politician… if I didn’t give a damn about human beings.