On Net Neutrality

I don’t think I’m needed for this one, but…

FUCK Ajit V. Pai.

There will be a fight on the grounds that these proposed actions are an attack on three of the freedoms granted by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. If that process fails, it’s all over; get out of Dodge, because the fire will have jumped the river and reached town.


Why aren’t people this hot about health care?


Noise Logic

“Part of the problem with Obamacare is that it was pushed through by one party.”

– Senator Jeff Flake (R, Arizona), 2017

“Part of the problem with vegetables is that my parents didn’t even ask me if I wanted them.”

– Steve Corbett (I, California), 1993

Who Said It? Part XI

Who said it?

On civil rights in “not multi-racial”, but “biracial” America as a form of affirmative action in response to slavery and Jim Crow laws:
“Civil rights are for African Americans. They are not for people who arrived yesterday, or last week; we didn’t do anything to you.

“Republicans didn’t do anything to anybody.”

Who Said It? Part X

Who said it?

On the social welfare programs:
“Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes that you can do these things. Among them are a few Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or businessman from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid.”

Who Said It? Part IX

Who said it?

On the reactions of American people:
“So on one hand, you have Bill O’Reilly, who is celebrated for perpetuating the most antiquated racist stereotypes, and rewarded with an 18-million-dollar salary, and on the other hand, you have a young, black American athlete who is vilified for silently and civilly protesting against racial injustice…

You can call Kaepernick a shitty quarterback all you want — and I’m not going to argue that — but to celebrate his unemployment and not speak up against oppressive assholes like Bill O’Reilly makes you a racist.”

8,025,600 Minutes

I manage no longer the energy or spirit required for eloquence, so here I will beat around no bush and plant no literary seeds to be sown down the road.

I predict that in the not-too-distant future, buying a home will be something most Americans don’t even have on their radar. American investors will stockpile real estate for the sake of selling to corporations and foreign investors. Those corporations and foreign investors will, along with some of the American investors, stockpile it for the sake of stockpiling a bunch of American real estate. Regular people will almost exclusively rent.

I will at that time argue that rental contracts for all (or certain) houses or condominiums (home types typically designated for individual-unit ownership) be legally required to include a buyout plan. Basically, any renter of a house (not apartments, for example) would be on a rent-to-own contract. It would be illegal to offer a single-family home to someone as a pure rental.

Think about the pros and cons for yourself. One variation of this could be a limit of one rental property (of the single-family variety as per above) per person (including corporate people).

This is a long way away, and probably crazy now, but talk to me in 2032.

Who Said It? Part VIII

Who said it?

On the current “regime”/administration:
“…because now, instead of progress being driven, to some extent, from the top — encouragement for that progress — we’re instead going to have roadblocks set up by people like Jeff Sessions, and they’re going to be doing whatever they can to keep things exactly the same. And this is why letting someone like Donald Trump become President is such a goddamn disappointment — because we were seeing progress; we were seeing it every year, and we just set that back… bigly. “

Live American, Die Young

Melissa Borkowski had an abnormal pap smear and needs more testing, but because of her $13,000 deductible [the minimum price she must pay before her insurance will cover any treatment or testing (no such thing in Japan)], she can’t afford to get the test. She may be walking around with cervical cancer, and she can’t go find out because…

Borkowski: Senator Sanders, my question is, why should my family be forced to pay so much money for an insurance plan that is essentially useless and doesn’t do anything for me?

Me: Because you didn’t vote for him! Because you don’t listen. Because freedom.

Because you live in America.

Sanders: Pam? Melissa. Sorry. Melissa, you ask a great question, and the answer is it is totally absurd. It is TOTALLY absurd. But the real question we should be asking — Melissa is talking about an outrageous deductible* … The real question which is never talked about, or very rarely talked about, is why we end up spending, as a nation, twice as much per capita on healthcare as do people in any other country.
Now if you were in Canada, you know what? You would get the healthcare that you needed.
If you were in the UK, France, Germany, Scandanavia, you would get the healthcare you need as a right of being a citizen in this country.
The idea that we have policies like that, like the one you described, is clearly an outrage, and should tell every American that we’ve got to join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee healthcare to all people as a right.

*Dear America, what the fuck is a “deductible”? Sincerely, Earth

Jesus, Take the Chalk

American parents, 2035

Mike: You guys sending Breighlynne to school this year?

Phil: Nah, with the asthma, we had to pick treatment or school. Maybe if we hadn’t already sold the condo for the childbirth.

Mike: Yeah. We can afford one, so Lisa will go this year and Mike Jr. next year. We’ll make them do homework together or something.

Who Said It? Part VII

Who said it?

On Trump:
“Our best hope tonight for the world’s understanding of this new version of the American Presidency is that heads of state and stock markets around the world grant this President no credibility in moments like this.”