Guns in America Part III (Fuck You, Marco Rubio)

“If someone has decided, ‘I’m going to commit this crime,’ they will find a way to get the gun to do it.”

– US Senator “Little” Marco Rubio


Gun deaths in the US, annually: over 30,000 (Link)
Gun deaths in Japan, annually: like 10 (Link)

Wow! Only 10 or so people in Japan decided they wanted to shoot someone with a gun.

Clearly 3,000 times as many violent people live in America. Well, adjust for accidents and multiple-victim shootings: say a generous 1,500 times as many violent folks. How about we even go per capita and just call it 500? That’s rounding in the US’s favor each time we calculate and with the original figures.

Americans are at the very least 500 times more likely to decide, “I’m going to commit this crime.” That’s what Marco says.

So, then America has just WAY MORE KILLERS than all these other countries.
So why don’t we let the country with the most killers have the MOST GUNS!

Or maybe for some reason, some of the Japanese people who would otherwise have liked to kill someone with a gun… didn’t… find a way to get one?


Or maybe Marco means if an American decides, “I’m going to commit this crime,” they’ll find a way to get the gun to do it.

That’s because…

That’s right, folks:

“Gun control won’t work here, because we don’t have gun control now, and people still get shot.”

– US Senator Marco Rubio, paraphrased


I wonder what he drives.

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