Fuck You, Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan says, “We’re going to take on welfare reform, which is another big entitlement program*, where we’re basically paying people — able-bodied people — not to work**, and we’re depriving them with all these disincentives from going into the workforce.”

*Learn to speak.
** The assumption is that all people on welfare are ready to work, but because they are receiving money, they won’t. That frames the problem as the enterprise and spirit of these Americans rather than the difficulty of actually finding work or the fact that a single parent working full-time for minimum wage will not earn enough to reach the poverty line.

So Paul, let me get this straight. We have a group of people who are capable of working, but can’t be bothered? We are paying them? That takes away their incentive? WAIT; that applies to everyone on unemployment benefits?

So just humoring you in regard to your assertion that all these people can actually work, which surely some of them can…
Is the disincentive the financial support itself?
Or is the disincentive the fact that even if these people do go out and work, they will never make much money and won’t see an increase in standard of living?

You think the answer is cutting out the safety net and dangling people by their dark blue collars over the cliff that is the prospect of having zero money.

Paul Ryan might say, “Why maintain a system to assist people when you could just fundamentally alter their human nature?”

I think the answer might be to leave that safety net in place for those who truly need it, then instead of threatening desolation, dangle the carrot of more money, purchasing power, and financial liberty in front of those who could theoretically join or rejoin the workforce.

Leaving the minimum wage argument aside for now, I will conclude this rant with a translation from Ryanese to simple English of what Paul “Penis” Ryan was really telling the American public.

  1. “take on welfare reform” – work to end support for the unemployed
  2. “big entitlement program” – system we as a community installed to guarantee a standard of living for all citizens
  3. “able-bodied people” – candidates for work
  4. “depriving (people)” – turning work candidates into non-candidates
  5. “disincentives (to) work” – similar reward with no effort or downside

Republican legislators will work to cripple or destroy the support measures we Americans created as a country to guarantee a standard of living for all of our people, because it costs money. None of these people really need it anyway, and actually, they’d be better off without it.

-Paul Ryan (translated and paraphrased)

Fuck you, Champ.


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