Live American, Die Young

Melissa Borkowski had an abnormal pap smear and needs more testing, but because of her $13,000 deductible [the minimum price she must pay before her insurance will cover any treatment or testing (no such thing in Japan)], she can’t afford to get the test. She may be walking around with cervical cancer, and she can’t go find out because…

Borkowski: Senator Sanders, my question is, why should my family be forced to pay so much money for an insurance plan that is essentially useless and doesn’t do anything for me?

Me: Because you didn’t vote for him! Because you don’t listen. Because freedom.

Because you live in America.

Sanders: Pam? Melissa. Sorry. Melissa, you ask a great question, and the answer is it is totally absurd. It is TOTALLY absurd. But the real question we should be asking — Melissa is talking about an outrageous deductible* … The real question which is never talked about, or very rarely talked about, is why we end up spending, as a nation, twice as much per capita on healthcare as do people in any other country.
Now if you were in Canada, you know what? You would get the healthcare that you needed.
If you were in the UK, France, Germany, Scandanavia, you would get the healthcare you need as a right of being a citizen in this country.
The idea that we have policies like that, like the one you described, is clearly an outrage, and should tell every American that we’ve got to join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee healthcare to all people as a right.

*Dear America, what the fuck is a “deductible”? Sincerely, Earth

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