God Save Humana

It’s pretty simple.

I just watched Paul Ryan reason with a man about the importance of redesigning the private/public healthcare scheme of the United States. He clearly stated that the ACA needs to be replaced, which it does. I’m glad he is thinking about it from a technical standpoint and not buying the horseshit argument that it is an infringement on freedom.

You know what else is an infringement on freedom?

Traffic signals.

Healthcare is not less important than fire protection or law enforcement. It’s as important.

Paul Ryan claimed that one of the shortcomings of the ACA (Obamacare) is that, “You have unhealthy people more buying it [sic], healthy people not buying it, and that is why the rates are going up so much. That’s why all the insurers are pulling out. Biggest health insurance company in the country last year, United, pulled out of Obamacare. Aetna… pulled out of Obamacare. Humana… pulled out of Obamacare.

As I mentioned, five states now are down to one insurer. Over a thousand counties in America are down to one insurer. And they’re all getting double-digit premium increases, because they have a monopoly. So CLEARLY that’s not working.”

Yeah. I wonder what the problem is. How about a solution?

United, Aetna, and Humana want to leave certain markets? OK. Bye.

Imagine if Ford, Chevy, and GM all decided to stop selling their cars in certain states after new emissions regulations were created. OK… I bet that would be good for business.

The worry is that if these companies leave, monopolies are created. That’s totally true; when there is no competition in a certain market, Americans have a tendency to not want to do anything about it.
Tesla? Apple? No, they weren’t born as challengers to oppressive market dominance.

Or is the worry over the well-being of corporations? God knows we can’t allow a corporation to die; it would look bad on our résumé.

Maybe the concern is for the jobs of people working in those corporations, but you have to ask, “Would we protect a Soylent Green factory to save jobs?”

The issue of monopoly is a genuine concern. If only there were a solution that could preserve our dear competition, something like what we have done with the thriving marketplaces for law enforcement, fire protection (we wouldn’t want to hurt our fire brigades), education, and road access.

If only…


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