I can’t imagine I am the first to see this. There’s no way. However, you probably heard it here first.

China will save the world.

Two years ago this would have been a laugher. It probably sounds like a joke even now.

A friend enlightened me to the fact that the UK just passed an act of which one function is requiring internet service providers to maintain records of their customers’ web site access.

In the US, we may be moving toward a registry of Muslims, and we already have a militarization of police forces.

Things are getting fascisty. It’s almost like the early 1900s. No… it’s a lot like the early 1900s. I’m sure my grandpa Ed would be thrilled.

If the fascist movements this time around are led by the hegemonic United States and its best friends, that’s bad news. Last time around, powerful nations of the world stood together to fight this. If the unilateral superpower and their allies lead the charge for it, who will stand to suppress it?

Starting to follow? If there were to be a great effort to put down that which we once defeated through the most enormous struggle in human history, who could possibly possess the power to stand up for humanity the way the US-led Allied Powers did under a century ago?


It’s only 2016, baby. Was the 20th Century already the American Century by 1916?


If someone said in 1916 that European and Japanese nationalism was a global existential crisis, and that the United States of America was going to save the world from it by leading a second World War, before the Great War had even been fought in the first place, what would have been the reply?

I hope this is the Chinese Century, for your sake.


One thought on “China

  1. Sometimes I can’t believe my own comment when I was raised in a media so fervently anti-China.

    Countless times I’ve asked my own friends, students and random anti-Sino commenters:
    When was the last time China attacked another country?
    Actually went into another country and waged war.

    Literally it can be answered of course but,
    When was the last time that China went out of it’s way to cause “massive” loss of life due to a nations self-interest.

    Tiananmen Square or Subjugation of minorities are also important, but those are more similar to Black Lives Matter.


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