Who Said It? Part V

2005 (or 2017, whatever). Who said it?

“It’s a tragedy for me that he’s President of my country. You know, my book is called A Man Without a Country. Well I’ve still got a passport, but if I showed this now in Portugal or Spain or Italy or Germany or France or Denmark or Japan or even communist China, what it would say about me is that I am not only from the richest country in the world, but the dumbest country in the world. Is our President a tragic figure? Perhaps, but he doesn’t know diddly squat about economics or history or science… even how to speak well.”


Election 2020

Paul Ryan 297 electoral votes
Hillary Clinton 241 electoral votes


Moderator: What’s 2+2? Secretary Clinton.
Clinton: I was there when arithmetic courses were instituted in public schools, so obviously I’m the one to answer this question. I fought for public schools. I fight for students. People. Streetlights. I love women. I love kids. I am a woman. I am a grandmother. Hyaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

Moderator: Mr. Trump?
Trump: First of all she’s not a woman. At least not like the women I sleep with, and believe me that’s a lot, and they’re real women. My women are real women. WHAAAT?!
She only loves kids because she’s attracted to them. Believe me. I read it. It’s there. It’s THERE! Go READ IT! Trust me.

Moderator: Senator Kaine?
Kaine: FOUR! What the literal fuck?

Moderator: Governor Pence?
Pence: Listen to Hillary badmouthing women and children! She’s insulting women. You heard her say it. She demeans women.

Who Said It? Part IV

Who said it?

On the 2016 Presidential election:
“If you gave me choice to randomly pick and American citizen or take Trump, I would roll the dice with random citizen. I mean, do you realize how bad that could turn out? Do you realize how many people in this country shouldn’t be President? I would go for Door Number 2. Because at a minimum, I would expect a randomly chosen, unqualified citizen to be so terrified and awed by the responsibility being thrust upon his or her shoulders that they would be desperate to defer to real experts.

Trump has the opposite attitude. His lack of qualification is married to an egocentrism the likes of which we have never seen. So no; the health issue is a non-issue for me. As long as she doesn’t show up at a rally and kill and eat a baby, she’s got my vote.”