America is the Single Payer

One of the members of a panel discussion in a recent episode of the Overtime portion of Real Time with Bill Maher on YouTube was a man named Ralph Reed, whom the show credits as the Chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition. He tried to make a point that highlights my view that, “If you want [certain] things, you have to move.

Reed says, “There’s a reason why most cutting-edge pharmaceutical medications are not invented in Canada. There’s a reason why they’re invented elsewhere: because the government fixes the prices. And once you do that, you kill R&D budgets, you kill innovation, and you kill the discoveries that save lives.”

1. Got it, Ralph. So Americans must sacrifice health and well-being for the sake of the invention of drugs that citizens of other countries get to use for much less money than we do. Good deal for them. Bad for us. Solution? Become one of them. If Americans are footing the bill for everyone except Americans, why be one?

2. Ever heard of a grant? Just a hunch, but I think the US government may be willing to provide a bit of funding for promising research and development. Or would that be a misappropriation of tax revenue? Those necessary life-saving drugs that are the pride of the American system, a boon to world health that couldn’t possibly come from Canada? Nah. Not from my taxes. From that two-bedroom-apartment-dwelling family of five’s insurance premiums, please.

Fuck you, Ralph and those Republicans and Libertarians who think collective health is less important than don’t-tread-on-me personal freedom. America is a fucking country, not an empty space in which you get to dwell freely with no regard for the people around you. We do things together. That’s what a country is. Want to live in a bubble where you take care of only yourself? Buy a fishing boat. And go fuck yourself.

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