A Vindictive Argument

I enrolled in university with a several-thousand-dollar savings from working part-time and living at home throughout community college. That money evaporated, and that was with a lot of help paying for school. Years later, I enrolled in a teacher education program with a down-payment-sized savings. I ended the one-year program with about a fifteen thousand dollar loan balance and far less in the bank. I didn’t finish my credential because I decided I couldn’t afford to spend another five thousand on a semester of full-time, unpaid interning, especially when I could move to Japan to have my own place and even a bit of money for skiing, not to mention the freedom to go to the doctor for anything.

There are plenty of countries in the world without America’s resources, and without her power that send their kids to college without crushing their personal finances. You know that. America absolutely has the power to make this happen for her youth. That is not in question. Plenty of the others do it. We can too. But the powers that be in America turn citizens against each other every day to distract them from that.

“[Class warfare] and [punishment]. That’s what [America] does!”

My institutional education is finished. I would LOVE to go get a Master’s degree or become an attorney, but I can’t. Case closed. I may as well just put the issue of education cost behind me and move on, not worrying about the next me.

Except FUCK THAT. The only argument graduated generations have for subjecting posterity to the same fate is, “I had to suffer. You do too.” We are going to die. Yep; you and me. Probably me first (you first if I stay in Japan). But do you really wish to leave the future generations of your country with the same problems the past generations left you? That sounds like justice? “Peace, suckers. Now you get fucked like me!”

The only reason to not make a change to the way we pay for college education is to teach our young people a lesson.

Is it really worth it? Honestly? Walk over to a mirror, look into your own eyes, tell yourself young Americans are better for it.

Yeah. You didn’t do it. You can’t lie to your own face out loud.