The Donald

The past few times I’ve seen Donald Trump speak, I’ve thought he sounded smarter. I thought he was honing his positions and actually making more sense. I mean making incrementally more sense. He’s still an idiot, but…

He drew a difference between abortion and everything else Planned Parenthood does during the last debate. Despite thinking the Republican opinion on abortion is wrong, I was surprised and somewhat pleased with his answer. I understand the “pro-life” position, and I can see why people take it, regardless of my principle disagreement. He took a view that was alternative to the teenage-intellect “IT’S BAD IT’S ALL BAD KILL IT” view held or at least championed by his fellow GOP candidates, and it was actually refreshing.

In his town hall, he was challenged on his past as a Democrat. “If you look at me as a conservative, and I’m not sure that’s necessarily the most important word…” he started, but proceeded to name two or three areas in which I think he’s far off base.

But then I thought back to that same debate from a week or so ago when John E. Bush claimed that his brother Gwb kept us safe (which is what conservatives hang their hat on), and Trump spat in the face of the entire party and reminded America that, well, that’s not quite right.

It’s not particularly seismic, but there has been a slight shift in The Donald of late. I’ve noticed a tiny transformation. Could he be first seizing control of the primary, then slowly pulling it left? I doubt it, but that was a popular theory less than half a year ago, and I’m seeing hints. What he’s saying now is a bit different from what he said in the autumn of 2015. Or maybe he just let the professionals polish him up a bit.