“You’re dumb.” -Clinton, 2016

Hillary Clinton thinks you’re stupid.

She thinks that Sanders’s Medicare for All plan means that we would lose the insurance coverage we (may) have now. She says, “throwing the country back into a contentious debate about health care is the last thing we want.”

I’d say the last thing we want is not having health care. She tries to get by with lines like, “Getting rid of Obamacare is not the answer.”

We wouldn’t be tossing it aside and starting over, we’d be making it obsolete, you imbecile. But wait. She’s actually really smart. She doesn’t think that shit.

My friend J. asked me over the holiday season, in a conversation with at least four other friends (V., E., other J., and M.), “Hey Steve, what do you do for health insurance?”

I replied, “What do you mean?”

J. asked me, “How do you get insurance over there?”

I replied, “Uh… I live in Japan.”

J.’s face turned to a sort of “Oh. Haha. Got it.” expression, and V. said with a chuckle, “Some countries are a little more civilized than us.”

Hillary Clinton knows that Medicare for All means that you just “have” coverage (hence “health care as a right for all people”). She knows that Sanders’s plan does not take coverage away from people. Here’s how it works in Japan. You are either born here and you get a birth certificate and health insurance, or you move here, you go to City Hall, and you get health insurance. You get 70% coverage. You can buy supplemental insurance to cover more or you can pay 30% of all costs. Prices are FAR lower so 30% is usually the same as getting a new article of clothing. If your 30% share adds up to over about $800 in a given month, you get the excess refunded. I’ve never paid more than $100 for any treatment in Japan, and that includes a 25-mile ambulance ride followed by six staples in my knee, and it includes an emergency root canal.

If someone who fought for years to reform health care — as she says she did with her canned “Before it was Obamacare, it was Hillarycare” line —  doesn’t understand the difference between social health insurance and private health insurance with a government mandate, she is not smart enough to be a Senator or Secretary of State, let alone the President. That leads to this conclusion:

Hillary Clinton is banking on one of two things. Either you have great, cheap health insurance from your extraordinary employer and you haven’t needed a pill in 11 years so you really don’t care about the issue, or you will not study the health coverage systems of other countries, and you think that Bernie wants to take what we have now, roll it into a paper ball, throw it into a volcano, and write a replacement policy using the same avenue as that one, just with different details.

It’s different. He wants to expand social coverage — which we already have and covers people you know — to cover you too. And there’s no law in America that says you can’t work on new legislation unless you first axe what it is intended to replace. That’s an absurd assertion, designed to make you say, “Oh shit,” despite having no basis in reality. “Getting rid of Obamacare is not the answer,” is ironically right out of the Ted Cruz playbook. It’s fear mongering and it’s a lie.

Sanders wants to make it so that instead of choosing from the inflated plans offered by profit-driven corporations, and deciding which one best creates a burden equilibrium* between your bank account and your body, you just go to fucking City Hall and sign up. Well, that’s not quite true.

In America you’d probably be able to do it with an app.

Hillary Clinton is trying to trick you. Every time she accuses Bernie Sanders of trying to take something away from you with his health care coverage plan, she is calling you stupid.

Either that or she doesn’t understand, which I highly doubt.

*”burden equilibrium” first known usage Feb. 2016 by blogger Steve Corbett in his article “You’re dumb.” -Clinton, 2016