One Million Percent Truth, or: a Total Lack of Compassion

Kind of long. You can go all the way to the last paragraph to get the point.

In April of 2015, Cindy shared this cookie with the commentary, “1000000% truth.” I took exception.

If you don’t want to read the article, I’ll give you the title and author, my review, some of the richest lines, and the discussion that followed the post.

The article: Fast Food Workers: You Don’t Deserve $15 an Hour to Flip Burgers, and That’s OK

The author: Matt Walsh

Review: Fuck Matt Walsh.

Here are some of the morsels:

Around my 26th birthday, over 10 years after my first job, I landed a position in Kentucky that paid me around $40,000. It was the first time I’d ever made the equivalent of $15 an hour or more. Again, this was after 10 years of working.

Congrats. You think the entirety of the American working poor is under 26 and has been working less than ten years?

You’d be making more than some police officers. You’d easily out-earn many firefighters.

Bullshit. Also, it’s not ONLY fast food workers. If the minimum wage was $15, those making $15 would still make the least amount of money.

Don’t like it? Well, you shouldn’t. It’s fast food. It’s menial. It’s mindless. It’s not supposed to be a career. It’s not supposed to be a living. An entry-level position making roast beef sandwiches at Arby’s isn’t meant to be something you do for 26 years.

No shit, but guess what…

I imagine, for one thing, given the “profit vs. effort required” calculation, we’ll have more people becoming Subway sandwich artists and fewer people putting out fires, teaching children and building bridges. That is, unless these other professions raise their incomes to compete…

Yeah. People who would otherwise be teachers would look at fast food jobs, and say, “Oh never mind teaching, I can survive on minimum effort at Subway!” Also, “professions raise their income?” How does a profession raise its income? Do you mean employers raise salaries?

The job you have right now isn’t the point. It’s a stop along the way, not the final destination. 

So here’s my suggestion: Put down the sign. Tuck in your shirt. Plaster a fake smile on your face. Go to work. Flip those burgers and work those cash registers like your life depends on it. Do it like it’s your art, like it’s your passion, like it’s you’re mission on Earth. Take some pride in what you do, not because it’s fast food, because it’s what you do. Take on extra shifts if you can. Work holidays if you have to. Do whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.

Yeah, pride will fix it. Your head is in the sand, Matt Walsh.

I kicked it off and a couple like-minded folks took it home. Here is the conversation:


It should be noted here that Edward just got a vote for President for sharing an article.


The one point that enrages me the most about this dumb-ass argument, is the ignoring of basic logic. Suppose that poor 30-something single-mother-of-three fast food worker does slip through the cracks to become a successful, educated professional. That is great for her. She goes and gets that dental hygienist gig. Yeah? Awesome.

What about the person she beat out for that job? They go somewhere else and take a job from someone else. That chain reaction bumps one unlucky soul down into the “Well, fuck… you should have worked harder,” world of fast food. If every fast food worker goes out and gets a degree, we’ll still have about the same number of fast food workers. It’s a zero sum game, or worse, because there are not enough jobs for all of our people. You can’t eliminate shit jobs by getting everyone an education. We can not, as a people, study an entire industry away. Someone will work those jobs.

Our economy does not allow for everyone to move to the top. Someone MUST be on the bottom. They don’t get to have a life too?

Cindy thought she was being encouraging and positive about the American Dream. “Hey, y’all, I did it; you can do it too!” Cindy was comparing her hard work and relative successes to lazy 20-somethings. The American fast food worker in Cindy’s mind is someone who sleeps until noon, waddles into work, sleepwalks through the day, goes home, shits about, and goes to bed. In her mind, the conversation was about lazy slobs. In reality…

Cindy was talking about Derrell.